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Friday, June 18, 2010

~Cherry & Chocolate...take-two!~

~ A Marriage of Chocolate & Cherries ~
So...I liked the last recipe for these sweet cupcakes...but I wanted to try it again with just a few tweaks. I really like this version of the recipe better. Plus the frosting (vanilla cream cheese) and one fresh Bing Cherry on top kinda made the cupcake complete. I'm very happy to present these to a friend...hope they're just as happy to accept! They consist of my basic chocolate cupcake recipe then I folded in coarsely chopped dark chocolate and tart dried cherries that I had soaked over night in 100% organic cherry juice and a little sugar. I like to keep things simple and I think this cupcake is a perfect example of delicious simplicity. Glad I saved a few for myself ; )

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