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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Fondant is officially my friend. It took me a while to come around but I do like working with fondant. It's messy at times and dries out pretty fast but it can make for some really pretty decorations. Here are a few fondant decorated cupcakes...I realize there is a craft to this and I am slowly getting better. Slowly. :) But I am open to trying anything.

Fondant Hearts in shades of blue and green
Script letters on fondants then painted with edible luster dust

Fondant Hearts

Fondant Script letters

Fondant Paw Prints and Bones with Letter C
and fondant hearts
Fondant hearts layered in different colors

Fondant flowers that come in different sizes and colors
I like the look of layering them too. But no pics yet of that.
Script letters, gift boxes and flower bouquets all of fondant

White and pale pink rose bouquet
Front of flowers

Fondant letters layered and hand painted with luster dust

Side of roses with ribbon all fondant
Front of pink roses

Top of flowers on fondant disk
Fondant Script
all letters painted with edible luster dust on fondant