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Sunday, July 4, 2010

~Mocha Cupcakes~

Mocha cupcakes sound so should think of chocolate, espresso, whipped cream and of course sugary sweet! But making a cupcake taste like that can be tricky...too much espresso and you get a bitter after taste not enough and it's just a chocolate cupcake. So I tried a few batches before getting it right. I went with a whipped vanilla bean butter cream frosting as it's not as sweet as regular butter cream or as heavy, plus when I think of a gourmet coffee drink I think of whipped cream on top. I made fondant hearts and just over lapped them on a round white piece of fondant as my sister Samantha (birthday girl) loves girly colorful stuff. I love the look of the bright clean hearts on the dark brown chocolate cake. When the cupcakes were presented my youngest niece Emily took hers and wiped the fondant and frosting off and threw it in the trash! She just looked at me and said "frosting is gross". ; ) Over all the cupcakes were a hit.