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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~Red Velvet~

~Red Velvet~
Red velvet is really 2 things...vanilla cake with a whole lotta red food coloring or chocolate cake with a whole lotta red rood coloring (or beets which some people use in place of artificial coloring). I don't love this cupcake for any reason other than aesthetics. Which isn't a really bad reason to love a cupcake, but what's the point if the pretty little thing tastes like some boring old chocolate cupcake? So I researched all the different versions of this cake. Some have buttermilk, some don't. Some use vinegar, some don't. It was a whole lot of different ideas of what makes this "classic" a classic. So I used a little bit of everything and I am actually impressed! The one thing that stayed consistent in each recipe was the cream cheese frosting. So that too stayed the same for my version. I did enjoy reading all the urban legends that came along with googling "red velvet cake". I added some of the pics of this trial. I think they turned out well, not as red as they could be but they tasted good.

They are red...maybe not red red but chocolaty red.

Classic Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting
Edible glitter from Michael'sPeople seem to think Red Velvet is so fancy pants...

so I made this cupcake a star on it's very own red carpet.