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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Superhero Cupcakes~

These cupcakes are a little controversial for me...I've never wanted to do "theme" cupcakes and because I prefer all edible decorations...I hate using cupcake picks. I feel they're too easy to do and why would the person ordering want to pay for cupcake picks? So, I colored and rolled the fondant. Cut it out and "tattooed" non-toxic tattoos on them. Took a long time, they're obviously not edible, but they look so good! Believe me, if you decide to try something like this, have patience my friend, the work is worth it! So darn cute and anymore these days they have temporary tattoos for just about anything at a very cheap price.

All together

Human Torch, Iron Man, and The Hulk

Wolverine, Captain America and Spider Man

Didn't work out so well on black fondant but my husband says this one is the "coolest". ; )

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