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Sunday, September 5, 2010

~Scooters & Cupcakes~

My husband asked me to be in a scooter calendar....gulp....and I agreed. The scooter that I sat on for the photos is a Vespa Allstate. It was a pretty sea foam color and I really had fun despite the fact I was so freaked out about having my picture taken. So I decided to try to recreate that same scooter on a cupcake. I guess it's our two loves in one! I included one of the pictures from the photo shoot as well. His sister Allison is a professional photographer at and she was able to make me feel comfortable through the whole thing...well her and one large margarita! The fondant scooter is a little messy not nearly as pretty as the real one but with a little practice I think these could be cute for birthday cupcakes or maybe for his scooter shop anniversary.

Me and the Allstate scooter cupcakes
side view
the color of the fondant is much closer to the

actual color of the scooter than it looks in these pictures

scoot leaning on a cupcake

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